Rr.Nr 2 ,Plazh ,Prane Rajonit Te Policis, Velipoje, Shkoder Albania
067 31 58 811 / +39 33 66 18 862

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Hotel Bora Bora in Velipoja offers you the wonderful setting of its bar to spend unforgettable hours with your loved ones. Everything is perfect and in complete harmony.
In addition to the cultured and very fast service, a wide variety of drinks and cocktails, bar clients can make free wireless internet access for their laptops or mobile phones.
At the same time, the shepherd himself is at the service of his laptop customers that can be used while staying in these environments. If you only attend this environment once, you will return to a permanent client.

Breakfast (breakfast, breakfast) is the magic moment offered by Hotel Bora Bora.
A menu rich in meals and drinks for the morning meal is prepared with care and dedication by the hotel staff. Breakfast at Bora Bora Hotel is the best way to start your day at our hotel. The other surprise is offered once a week by Hotel Bora Bora staff. It is Aperitivo & Apericena, which adds to the satisfaction of our customers, refreshing through various cocktails, ice cream

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Address:Rr.Nr 2 ,Plazh ,Prane Rajonit Te Policis, Velipoje, Shkoder Albania

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