“ARA E VJETER ” & “Viluni Beach” Velipoje

Gryka e Vilunit Rr" Rruga e Peshkatareve" Velipoja, Shkodër, Albania
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“Viluni Beach” Velipoja

Located in the heart of the Velipoja beach, there is no way to stop once to enjoy fish dishes, which are the specialty of the house of the best boss of “Viluni Beach”.

In addition to the wonderful view that lies in front of him, who wants to eat the most delicious croissants or to try the fresh fish of the cereal, should know that this restaurant will start to like those who are not so passionate about sea ​​products.

For everyone who chooses the best beach and visited the Adriatic “Velipoja”, “Viluni Beach” is the only place to offer all the bar, restaurant, fresh beverages and all sea waves under your feet.

Pub-a youthful environment with music and guest singers and famous characters of Albanian estrades.

Traditionally crafted traditional Shkodra cooking with sea food. With typically Mediterranean and fresh products taken from the Adritatik Sea, accompanied by fresh drinks and selected music.

Plates prepared with love and taste. Hospitable staff and attentive to every detail and fully available to the customer with care that will make your vacation and more enjoyable.

But the grass remains bar !!! Enjoy the sunlight associated with what you want !! ??

That’s what we thought of. For the first time in Velipoja, the most unique type of them with 14 holiday homes in “ARA E VJETER” “ARA E VJETER” considered by all our tourists as “OAZ”, hidden treasure in the middle of the pines where the lungs are filled with clean air.

Thoughts up to the detail, furnished in the traditional style of wood. For those who are tired of hotel fluctuations and the noise of discotheques until midnight “ARA E VJETER” is the perfect choice. “ARA E VJETER” offers suites and also pools for all those who are fanatics of cleanliness.

Not to be closed, in this oasis you can eat well and well in the “ARA E VJETER” restaurant and you can order the room service.

So you still find out !! Contact us !

We are always welcome!

Address: Gryka e Vilunit  Rr” Rruga e Peshkatareve” Velipoja, Shkodër, Albania

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